Computer Age Essay For Students

Computer is the latest miracle of science that has brought in a revolution in almost every sphere of our modern life. It was first anticipated in 1838 when Charles Babbage designed a machine called ‘Analytical Engine’ to make difficult calculations and store memory. In 1946 the first computer was made. And since then it has been spreading its avenues ceaselessly. In fact, if the first half of the 20th century is the age of electricity, the second half is surely the age of computers.

A computer has five divisions in its body, namely—control, memory, maths, input device and output device. ‘Control’ assures that the machine functions properly. In ‘memory’ section data are stored. Calculation in ‘Maths’. ‘Input device’ supplies data and command to the machine. ‘Output device’ displays the final conclusion in print. But one thing we must remember—computer cannot conceive itself beyond its programme. Still, scientists are now working on ‘artificial intelligence’. The use of computer is growing fast.

At present, it is widely used in many countries in banks, shops, hospitals, laboratories, railways, traffic control system, education, trade, industry, etc. In the field of medical diagnosis, computers are doing wonders. The present space-flights have become possible only because of the successful operation of the computers. However, the computer not only makes millions of calculations within a few seconds but also store data for future use. Now the records are not required to be kept in files. They can be stored in a small chip in the computer. The days are not far when it will spread into the masses more and more and it will receive the telephone calls, cook our food, clean our rooms, prepare electric bills, etc. for us! It may help students in their studies too. In advanced countries ‘Teaching Computers’ are already available. In India too, computer courses of different levels are being introduced in schools and colleges. However, the virus problem in computer internet is a great hazard.

There was a time when a section of people in India was against the use of computer in the offices, banks, etc. Their argument was that as the computer can do lots of jobs within a very short time, it will throw thousands of workers into unemployment. But nowadays, we see that introduction of computers in selected fields is a must for efficient services. Moreover, although it is causing some unemployment, it opens up new avenues of employment.

Finally, we must say that we cannot go against the tide of time as computer is another name of development. It seems that computer is going to take charge of the future civilisation of man.