Essay on A Farewell to a Retired Teacher

The day for the farewell to a retired teacher is different from other days in an institution. Most of the ceremonies come to us joyfully, but this type of occasion brings a ringing tone of grief and admiration peculiarly mixed. The farewell ceremony of Asotosh-Sir, our beloved teacher, started at 2 pm at our school campus. The last class had been over and we had said farewell to him. A new teacher will come next. But Asotosh-Sir will come no more. He is sixty and he has to retire as per rule. We will no more see him solving problems on the blackboard. He made Mathematics so easy and so interesting to us that it has become a myth. He is very popular for his gentle appearance and his love for his students.

The farewell ceremony was arranged on the dais in front of our school. Asotosh-Sir came to the dais with a procession of the teachers headed by the Headmaster. Asotosh-Sir was seated and greeted. The departing day created a solemn atmosphere. Some students came to the dais and expressed their feelings. Our Headmaster and other teachers remembered his greatness to share their joy and sorrows just like a family friend. The members of the Managing Committee praised him saying that he is a truly erudite and cultured man and he has done his duty appreciatively. The students, teachers and some admirers including the ex-students placed some gifts before him.

At last, our honourable Sir delivered his farewell address and thanked us all wishing our best. His parting words came to us as from deep emotion from the core of his heart. After thirty years of teaching — teaching thousands of students — he has to leave us today.

None can avoid this moment. It is true that “The old order changeth yielding place to new.” But he will ever be remembered as our friend, philosopher and guide. He will remain within us not only as a memory in a world of happy memories but as an inspiration too in our ups and downs in our future life.