Essay on A Scene in an Examination Hall

The scene in an examination hall is full of typical suspense. The candidates generally reach the examination centre rather early. Before the bell rings for the students to enter the hall they are either seen lost in some thought or giving a last look on the pages of the books. With hearts full of anxiety, some of them loiter on the corridor. To a student, the examination hall is like a Greek amphitheatre where he is open to attacks from even unexpected quarters, but he has no other instrument to fight with than his pen. The students have to find out their respective seats first. They see the chart of the arrangement of seats in the examination centre. Thus they know in which room they have got their seats.

When the first warning bell rings, students take their seats. The invigilators enter the hall with packets of question papers. Blank answer scripts are distributed to the examinees. The candidates receive those with a palpitating heart and at once fall on writing out their names and roll numbers on the covers of the scripts. As the bell rings for the commencement of the examination, the question papers are handed over to the students. Then there is deep silence. Invigilators start moving up and down the hall to keep watch over the candidates. Very soon the examinees are found busy writing answers in the scripts. Some look bright and some look vacant and a few students try to adopt unfair means. Some candidates disturb their neighbours requesting them to help them. Time rolls on. When the last warning bell rings, students are busier than before. Some begin revising their answers while others increase their speed to finish.

When the final bell rings, the invigilator shouts ‘Stop writing, the time is up’ and answer-scripts are taken back. In some cases, the papers have to be snatched away. Then the students step out of the hall. They feel a sense of relief after passing the serious hours in the examination hall. When the hall becomes empty, the doors are closed until the next day or the next shift.

Essay No-2 (340 Words)

It is the Secondary Examination. I am appearing at this examination. It is the first great examination of my life. I am having a new experience.

With an anxious mind, I waited at the doors of the examination hall. Other candidates were talking and laughing and making a great noise. But I could not join in their mirth, because hopes and fears were moving in my heart. Many students were standing in groups. They were discussing possible questions. Some students were reading their books hastily.

The doors of the hall opened and we entered the hall and searched for our seats. The invigilators helped us. There was a good deal of stir and noise when the boys were busy looking for their seats.

The bell rang and the noise faded away. Papers were given to the examinees. They folded the left sides of the papers and wrote down their roll numbers on the covers of the papers. Then the invigilators distributed the question papers to the examinees. I felt very nervous when I first got the question paper. But I regained my spirit when 1 found that the questions were not difficult. I looked around and saw that the examinees were reading the questions carefully. Some of them appeared sad. They seemed to be quite unprepared for the examination. They sat gravely at their desks. But smile appeared on the face of those who were quite prepared for the examination. They soon settled down to write the answers to the questions.

Those who have come to the examination with a little preparation are scribbling something. From time to time some of them are complaining to the invigilators against the nature of questions set.

An unpleasant incident happened in the examination hall. A candidate in front of me was detected copying another’s answer paper. He was expelled.

The five minutes’ warning bell has now rung. I am quite prepared to submit my paper. But some examinees are writing very hastily. It is a pity to see them in such a hurry.