Essay on Aim in Life to be a Doctor 350 Words

An aim is a goal or objective to which one aspires in life. Of course, many persons have no aim in life. They are like ships without rudders. A rudderless ship drifts on at the mercy of wind and waves. It is carried away hither and thither by every change of wind and cannot reach the goal. Similarly, a man without an aim in life cannot achieve anything. So a man who wishes to succeed in life must have a definite aim in life.

After having selected an aim or a profession, he should stick to it with tenacity. He should not waver if he cannot make any progress at the start. With faith in himself, he should apply himself to the task. Honest efforts are usually crowned with success in the long run.

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My aim in life is to be a doctor. It is a noble profession. But I have chosen it as my aim in life for more that one reason. More than eighty per cent of people in our country live in villages. They suffer from various diseases for ignorance, poverty, malnutrition, and want of proper sanitation. But the hospitals and doctors are very few in rural areas. Most of the doctors hanker after money and honour and they prefer cities and towns to villages as their dogs without proper treatment and medicine. Hence I think, by serving such men, I shall be able to serve my country.

There is also a sense of adventure in this profession. To be called up at the dead of the night and to rush to save one’s life is something really thrilling and exciting. Of course, I shall take my fees, but my main object will not be to earn money by hook or by crook. I shall rather cure the patient and lose my fees than kill him and get it. A man’s life, I think, is more precious than all the money in the world.

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For all these reasons I like to be a doctor in my future life to serve the suffering humanity. My motto in life would be the clarion call of Swami Vivekananda: “To serve man is to serve God” or, in other words, what Gandhiji said, “My only ambition is to wipe away the tears of every eye.”