Essay on Autobiography of a Pen in 400 Words

Almost all the autobiographies of man are written with a pen. They write down their words in detail. Then why should I not write an autobiography of myself?

I feel confused to ascertain the date or period of my origin. The primitive men used some implements to carve on stones or on the barks of trees to express their feelings. But that was only in crude form. Thousands of years and centuries went on. Some say I was first used in the somewhat refined form made of papyrus in ancient Egypt. Some others say my oldest form could be traced in ancient India or in ancient China.

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Later I was developed in various forms. In the mediaeval period, I took different forms in different countries. And varieties developed in manifold ways in the modern period. You know—the bottom part of some birds’ feathers or twigs of bamboos were used as a pen for writing with ink from an inkpot at one time. And then I came as the fountain pen with a pointed nib and carrying ink within my womb. That was the golden age of my history.

Many famous persons had used me in that form. Some of them regarded me as their prized possessions. Some companies had their brand names such as Parker, Pelican, Shaeffer’s, Most Blanc and were proud of their productions. That age to has almost disappeared. Now I have appeared as a dot pen—both cheap and costly, but not too costly as the valuable fountain pens.

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However, most reasonably, I can boast of making contributions in developing civilization and culture including different branches of knowledge such as literature and science.

Man can say that he has used me to express his feelings and thoughts in different subjects-in prose, poems, novels, short stories, essays, history, geography, philosophy, scriptures, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. In fact, I am the writing tool in his hand. I have no power or wishes of my own. Yet I can brag that man could not write anything excepting my appearances. Now, in a broader sense, my latest form is printing in print media or electronic media.

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In politics too, I hold great power. I take a vital role in forming public opinion. I am responsible for many ups and downs of so many empires and governments. It is said, “newspaper is the people’s parliament.” Napoleon used to say, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”

And so it is rightly said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I am an object that not everyone can use.