Essay on Cyber Crimes for Students

We know every age has its peculiar progress and drawbacks. In the 21st century, we see the amazing advancement in computer science as well as cyber crimes related to it.

Cybercrimes or computer-related crimes are now dominating the modern crime world. It may be categorised in two broad types-(a) individual targets, and (b) computer network and devices at large. In the first type, the target may be an individual or an organization and the network acts as a facilitator. And in the second type, the network itself is the target. Spreading computer Viruses falls in this category.

There are some common cyber crimes such as e-mail spoofing and spamming, fraud, drug trafficking, computer terrorism, online gambling, etc. Email spoofing refers to such unfair affair where an e-mail from one source appears to have been sent from another concealing one’s identity. E-mail spamming is the practice of sending unwanted advertising materials by e-mails.

Spreading hatred and harassment through the internet is another type of cybercrime. The abuser may post blasphemous, libellous, slanderous, pornographic or seditious materials on a website. Cybercrime of fraud includes bank fraud, identity fraud, and data theft. Drug trafficking is also increasing through the internet. Cyber terrorism may be committed through the use of cyberspace or computer resources. False propaganda of an explosion of a bomb, etc. in a train or a market place for creating panic or a real attack through a computer device may be an act of such cyber terrorism. Online gambling is also prevalent as cybercrime nowadays.

Some preventive measures should be taken for internet security. More strict laws should be passed prohibiting cyber crimes. Cyber scrutiny and regular upgrading must be routine work. Above all, awareness of the users to tighten their cybersecurity may help a lot to prevent or restrict cybercrimes through the rapid advancement of information technology.

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