Essay on Discipline in Academic Life (400+ Words)

Discipline means obedience to some general rules of conduct. No doubt freedom is men’s birthright. But it does not mean that a man can do whatever he likes. We must admit that unrestricted freedom leads to anarchy, and so there is a need for discipline to regulate and control the conduct of the members of the society.

We know it as a theory. But in practice, we do not always behave accordingly. The society at large is becoming more and more intolerant, even violent. Now is the time for creating a change for a rational and disciplined order. Discipline in academic life must be essential.

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As the students of today are the citizens of tomorrow, they must be trained in the discipline. Discipline is also essential to student life as it is the seed time of life. It also helps the students to form a strong moral character and to overcome the hard difficulties that may come in the course of their journey through life.

Certain qualities such as diligence and dutifulness, patience and ment are not attained without discipline. Hence discipline is to be regarded not as an end but as a means to an end. True discipline is a creative process. Its ultimate object is to liberate the mind. By accepting a prescribed code of conduct spontaneously, one develops an orderly attitude to life.

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Discipline is the key to success in all the spheres of life. But it is of special significance in academic life. A student should obey his parents and superiors at home and teachers in schools and colleges. Effective learning is not possible in the class if the students are not disciplined. If they pay no heed to their teachers’ advice, shout in classes and copy from books in examinations, the temple of learning will be turned into a den of chaos. On the other hand, a disciplined student becomes successful in his academic life and later life too by virtue of his sincerity and regularity.

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But it is a matter of pity and regret that discipline in academic life has become a thing of the past. Many students are now ill-behaved. They arrange demonstrations and sometimes gherao the teachers and the heads of the institutions to force them to accede to their demands. Sometimes, they call strikes and arrange demonstrations even to satisfy such demands as having nothing to do with academic interest, and thereby vitiate the academic atmosphere. They think it as a symbol of heroism. But a day will come when they grow up and they will be paid back in their own coin and that also with a compound interest resulting in overwhelming chaos in the society.