Essay On Drugs Addiction In 425 Words

Drugs addiction has now become one of the major problems of our society. Particularly in the urban areas, it has assumed an alarming proportion in recent times. Many young people are becoming victims of this deadly curse and it is eating into the vitals of them. As a result, the rosy possibilities of these young men and women are being nipped in the bud.

The dishonest traders operate underground and deadly drugs like Hashish, Heroin, Brown sugar, LSD, Ecstasy, and other narcotics are smuggled into the country. Our young ones take these drugs for temporary pleasure. These drugs are nothing but death traps. Initially, the drugs stimulate the addiction but slowly they lead the addicts to death. After a period, it causes nervous breakdown and convulsion. If someone gives up taking drugs suddenly, the dangerous withdrawal symptoms occur. Consequently, it not only ruins the health of the addict but also cuts down his lifespan. And in this way, the unscrupulous traders manage to thrive at the cost of precious lives of our young generation.

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However, there are many causes behind this death-trap. Sociologists think that the youths turn to these drugs out of frustration. Some of the youths do not see any ray of hope for their future and so they want to escape from hard realities for a short period. Sometimes they take it out of sheer fun. It is also possible for parental neglect, loneliness and pressure from friends. Sometimes drug peddlers pose as vendors and mix drugs with foodstuff. Thus many people become addicted to drugs without even being aware of it.

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Under such an alarming situation, we cannot be only idle onlookers. There should be a joint effort of family, government and social organizations to prevent and cure this curse. Drug therapy units should be opened in all government hospitals under the care of qualified doctors, psychologists, and sociologists. But no government action can be fruitful unless it is backed by a strong public opinion.

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So people must be aware of this evil with the help of the mass media. Above all, we should have sympathy for the addicts and provide ample opportunities for suitable rehabilitation in our society. It should be impressed upon the addict that all is not over with him and, with a little determination, he can get back his normal healthy life. So all right-thinking people of the society should come forward to generate public opinion against this black curse of our social life. We should take the pledge -‘Let us unite for a drug-free world’.