Essay on Global Warming in 350 Words

In recent times, the climate has been behaving in the erratic system. And for that, unusual and unprecedented natural calamities have been adversely affecting the course of our life all over the world. It has been attributed to the phenomenon of global warming.

The vital cause of global warming is the rapid increase in volumes of emitting lethal gases, called greenhouse gases. Some of the gases in this category are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide which are highly toxic. These gases are being indiscriminately emitted by industrial activities in developed and developing countries. The proportion has been gradually alarming since the Industrial Revolution since the 1760s and has gained momentum by the end of the 20th century. Lack of public consciousness is another cause of this global threat.

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Consequently, ice in the Arctic Region is now slowly melting and losing the volume by 7% per year. Glaciers are also melting gradually. Water levels in the oceans and seas will rise alarmingly and large parts of land in coastal countries may be submerged in the near future. A Chinese survey has revealed the fact that the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8,848 metres) is gradually losing its height-nearly 0.1 metres annually.

Most of the glaciers in the Himalayan region may also be dry and some perennial rivers may be reduced to seasonal rivulets! Many species of flora and fauna may also disappear from the planet within two or three decades!! The average temperature of the earth will go up gradually and monsoon rains will be whimsical.

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The UN is trying to tackle this grave concern. The 1992 Earth Sumit was held in Rio de Janeiro in order to take some steps to mitigate that problem. Subsequently, an international agreement was negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, to control the situation. But unfortunately, lack of the desired will and power of the UN has become an impediment to reach the desired goal.

In such circumstances, public awareness should be roused by arranging seminars, etc. The press and the television channels should also come forward. Urgent steps by the developed and developing countries and the UN are the pressing need of the day.