Essay On “India Today” in 350+ Words

India, a multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-racial country, has always enjoyed the essential unity of culture amidst diversity that has kept her people united. Great religious ad social leaders have, by their preachings from time immemorial, enabled the masses of India to imbibe the spirit of brotherhood. But of late, the disruptive forces have begun to raise their ugly heads to threaten the country’s unity. Linguistic jealousy, economic and political rivalries, and a spirit of regionalism have sprung up. Eruptions of violence and seething tension over regional issues have become more the rule than the exception. The best remedy is to create conditions that will help in raising the moral stature of the people.

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Divisive forces are rampant in the Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, in the North East region and in few other parts of the country. This is highly detrimental to the existence of India as a nation. The problem of dissension and disintegration can only be solved by subduing the regional and parochial feelings. Forces of disruption are fed by poverty, lack of education, economic distress and by the indiscriminate partiality of the centre. There is no doubt that until and unless these tendencies are curbed with a heavy hand they may upset the integrity of our country.

In the present circumstances there are certain elements inside the country itself, and some hostile neighbours, who want that India should be fragmented into small states, Certain foreign powers are quite jealous of India’s achievements and they want to weaken it. There are many obstacles in the path of the national integration of India. These difficulties have to be solved in a determined manner. All these evils must be removed if India has to remain united.

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For the national integration, it is very essential that people should give up communal and sectarian outlook. They should consider themselves as Indians first and Indians last. Young minds should be imbued with a spirit of patriotism. Attempts should be made to narrow the gulf between the rich and the poor. The problem of language is to be solved carefully, The most essential need is emotional integration. India must achieve national unity for her survival and progress.