Essay on My Favourite Season Autumn

Nature adorns West Bengal with a garland of six seasons in a cyclic order and in that cycle of seasons autumn occupies a unique position. Though there is the traditional break-up of six seasons in West Bengal, only four seasons appear prominently and they are—summer, monsoon, autumn or fall’, and winter. Autumn is split up into two seasons—early autumn and late autumn. However, it has its own peculiarities and beauties in the world of nature for which I like it most.

Autumn comes after the rainy season and lasts till early November. As soon as the footsteps of autumn are heard, dark clouds disappear and the deep blue sky is bathed in sunshine. In this season the temperature goes down. Small patches of white clouds are seen floating across the sky lazily like little fairy boats. In the morning, the dew-drops look like gems on the grass-heads. The cotton-white ‘kash’ flowers raise their heads like flags of peace. It is actually the season of flowers. The yellow-white ‘Shefali’ drops on the ground silently and literally make the ground a bed of flowers. The lilies and lotuses bloom in ponds and ditches in full glory. The sunshine and shade play hide and seek’ through the clouds. At night the sky is studded with millions of stars and sometimes the silver moon is seen shining brightly among them. It seems that the moonlight bathes our familiar world to make it a landscape of a fairy tale or a make-believe world of fantasy.

Autumn is also a season of festivals. In this season Nature prepares herself to herald (welcome) the goddess Durga. In fact, Durga Puja is the greatest festival of the people of the State. Even those people who are poverty-stricken are found in the holiday mood. All are dressed in new garments to celebrate the festivity. It is soon followed by Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja and ‘Deepavali’—the festival of lamps. The Muslims also have their great festivals—Muharram, Ramjan, and Iduzzoha during the period.

However, we feel sad when this season passes away to make room for the winter. Thus this season is regarded as a season of joy coupled with sadness.