Essay on School Magazine in 500 Words

The school magazine plays an important role in school life. Magazines are published every year at my school. Nowadays many schools have magazines of their own. Formerly, very few schools had such magazines. School magazines are published every year. School magazines are the mirror of every school. It shows the creativity of all those schools.
Essay on School Magazine

A school magazine is conducted by the teachers and students of a school. In many schools, a senior teacher of the language section is the editor, and a student of the top class chosen by the teachers’ council is the subeditor. In some schools, the students are the editors and sub-editors, but they are guided by a senior teacher. The articles of the magazine are written by both the teachers and the students. A notice is served to send the articles to the editor within a scheduled time. Of course, each and every article is not published. These are selected by the editor and the assistant editor. After editing, the articles are published in the school magazine.

The school magazine is different from a popular literary magazine as it contains mainly the articles of school students. It is usually annual or biannual. Generally, the students of the school have to pay a magazine fee. Each of them gets a copy of the magazine when it is published.

School magazines are useful for students in many ways. It is a fact that students do not read books other than their textbooks, If they are to many write an article for the magazine, they must necessarily read many books related to the topic. Thus it widens their knowledge of the outside world. If the students practise writing for the school magazine, their style of writing will be much improved. If a fellow-student writes an article for the school magazines, others may be inspired to follow his example.

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The school magazine helps the students (to) express their feelings and thoughts. It stimulates their imagination and develops their creative powers. Thus it becomes a training ground in literary composition, and talents are discovered even in most unexpected quarters. A student feels proud and happy when he finds his writing in print.

In fact, school magazines are the first stepping stone for future writers. Student editors also get training about how to perform the responsible duties of an editor. Moreover, it is a link between the past and present students of the school. The ex-students can send their writings for the school magazines, and they can rightly remember the school with all the happy memories of their childhood days when a copy of the school magazines reaches their hands.

Thus the school magazine plays a vital role in forming the habit of free writing for the students of the school. Students develop their writing habits. In the future, they became proficient in various writings. A student can express his dormant talent. Their knowledge grows. It is an integral part of school life. Every school should have a magazine of its own.