Essay on Science and War in 400 Words

The wonder lamp of science has lit up human life in many ways. It has fed and sheltered him. It has enlightened and comforted him. It has blessed him in various ways by its marvels. The great discoveries of science have revolutionised men’s mode of living, working and thinking. What has not science done for man? Some discoveries in science have certainly made human life happier. They have saved a man from different diseases. It has lengthened the life of an average man, too. The modern world has placed more emphasis on science and war.

Man is greedy, selfish and ambitious of power and position. This is true of individuals, this is equally true of nations. Even in the primitive age tribes used to fight one another to occupy new pastures or hunting grounds and they fought with bows and arrows. Then as time advanced, new and new weapons like swords, spears etc. came into use during a fight.

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In later ages, science brought out guns, cannons, gunpowder and cannon and musket balls which were used by the fighting rulers for spreading death and destruction among the enemy ranks. War, however, took a new turn when battleships submarines etc. and aeroplanes were invented. Modern war became ruthless and inhuman. Submarines were used to destroy enemy, enemy-ships and aeroplanes for bombing arms and ammunition factories and industrial plants. Soon appeared even more dangerous weapons of war like tanks, torpedoes, depth charges, magnetic mines, jet and rocket planes, anti-aircraft guns and the like, each of which is capable of causing disaster.

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But science did not stop simply by inventing such new-fangled weapons. Soon it created even more devastating thinks like atom bombs and hydrogen bombs which can destroy large areas in a moment. The Second World War was virtually brought to a close by two atom bombs that had completely wiped out of the existence of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nations today are engaged in a race for armament.

Each nation thinks that it can prevent foreign aggression by arming itself. Most of the countries are, therefore, piling up arms in the name of national security but at the cost of economic security of the people. Modern science is not responsible for the war. Men who use science for the destruction of mankind are fully responsible. Science has immensely benefited mankind by its marvellous inventions. It has not only laid the foundation of civilization but is also advancing. So we cannot blame science for the destruction of human beings.