Essay on the Spirit of Love in 500+ Words

Love is the pure quality of the living creatures. It exists in the whole animal kingdom. Even a mother-dog or a mother-bird feels its existence. Some say it is the instinct of the lower animals. But it reveals itself in an extended form in the human world. The spirit of love is an affectionate devotion not only to the kith and kins but also to beings and things around us. It is not only a sentiment or possessive emotion by instinct, but it includes admiration, respect, and good wishes for our fellow-men.

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Love is power. It is a life-giving force that brings happiness, harmony, and peace. One who has tasted it and realized its efficacy is fearless as well as free from hatred, jealousy and mean selfishness. It is the basis of a good character. Pure, selfless love draws out whatever is good in an individual. It guides us to the right path, elevates our mind and helps us to blossom into a fine character.

We can cite a fine example here. We see that when a pebble is thrown into the water of a pond, it creates a small ripple at first; then the circle becomes larger and larger and at last, it settles into the water again. Thus a common man loves his own family members. A man who stands on a greater platform loves not only his/her kith and kins, but also his/ her neighbours. The love circles of great men are still greater. They love their countrymen and some of them embrace the whole world.

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Here is the difference of the degree of love from a common man to Lord Buddha or Jesus Christ or Sri Ramakrishna. We should expand our circle of love as much as we can. In want of it, life becomes dry. Human beings feel feeble, depressed and unhappy in the desert sand of earning the only livelihood just to spend one’s lifespan. On the other hand, love makes the dejected and rejected persons learn to love life in a broadway. It is the elixir of life. In fact, we live to love and love to live. It is a divine force that dispels fear. It dissolves discords and engulfs the disagreeable. It soaks all sorrows and scatters sweetness and light.

All religions preach us to love a man in the name of God. In fact, the other name of God is Love. Swami Vivekananda describes his ‘guru’ Ramakrishna as the embodiment of ‘Condensed Love’. Today when people of different communities and religions fight against one another and cause bloodshed in the name of religion, we need to spread the message of love to bring about harmony.

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We must remember that love is the root of all religions. The evils of violence, terrorism and exploitation can be rooted out or reduced to a great extent if people are inspired with the strength of love. Anger, hatred and intolerance can be overcome by the spirit of love. And for that, a sense of sympathy and compassion is to be instilled in them, And then we can realize, Christ’s words, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

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Love is a unifying force. It can bind people of all faiths and religions together and unite the world in that sense where Raja Ram Mohan Roy said:”…all mankind are one great family of which numerous nations and tribes existing are only various branches”. Simple love can alone liberate man from e prison of narrowness, break the man-made barriers and merge all miseries into happiness.