Essay on Value of Sports in 750+ Words

The value of sports in life is immense. Games and sports are of two types. Some of them are indoor games and some are outdoor games. The games that are played in the open air are called outdoor games. These are football, cricket, hockey, tennis, volleyball, etc. These a Western games, and now popular in India too. Hadu-du or Kabadi is purely an Indian game. We have learnt to play these games quite well. Though Kabaddi is the National Game of India, it is lagging behind the Western games.

Outdoor games are now a part of our education in schools and colleges. Formerly it was not so. At present many institutions have their own playgrounds, where the students take part in outdoor games. Young men of India are now taking great interest in outdoor games. These games help them in developing both their brawn and brain. When we play in the open air, we inhale fresh air and feel refreshed, and our health is improved.

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These games help us to form our character and personality too. We have to form a team to play the games and learn the value of cooperation and unity or team spirit. The players have to obey the orders of the captain. Thus they learn the virtue of obedience and discipline. They become generous and imbibe fellow-feeling. Thus the outdoor games provide them with the sportsman-like spirit and save them from evil temptations and guide them to walk on the path of a dutiful, cultured citizen’s life.

The State and Central Government are now keener to spread the importance of outdoor games. There are Sports Ministers at the Centre and state level to look after the games and sports of the country. There are public organisations also to promote these games.

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In West Bengal, we have the Indian Football Association (IFA) to look after the game of football, and the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), while there are All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) in the Centre to look after the game of football and cricket. Our governments at the Centre, as well as the State level, spend a lot of money to encourage young boys and girls to be good players in national and international fields.

But sometimes nepotism and vested interest cast a black shadow in the functioning of the organizations while selecting the team of players. There is also a lack of sincerity for collecting talented players from the grassroots level, especially from the rural areas.

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Following the examples of the British Government, the Indian Government is now conferring titles on those who show exceptional skill in games and sports, and thus they are honoured. Recently Sachin Tendulkar has been awarded Bharat Ratna by the Indian Government.

Value of Sports Essay No 2 (300 words)

A sound mind, it is rightly said, can live only in a sound body. The development of both body and mind must go hand in hand. A book-warm may do well in his examination but when he enters upon life he finds his health shattered, his interest in life lost, and his intellect crippled. So a balance between physical and intellectual development is essential for a happy life.

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That is why sports and games are encouraged at schools and colleges and are nowadays regarded as co-curricular activities, as important as the study of academic subjects. The importance of games and sports has been recognised by other social institutions also, such as public libraries, clubs and similar other organisations.

The different uses of school sports can hardly be exaggerated. Besides helping students to build up their bodies, sports and games teach them discipline and the qualities of leadership. Again, the spirit of rivalry which they faster helps the students to bring out the very best in them.

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Every game or sport has its rules of conduct. By following them sports acquire the habit of obeying laws. There is, again, the captain to whose leadership the players of a ship must submit: The games teacher too enforces discipline on the team of players. The team of spirit or the ability to work in cooperation with others is a valuable asset in life. Games develop this spirit in us.

Above all, games and sports help the growth of the sportsman spirit, and we learn to be fair to our opponents and take defeats without ill-feeling. Discipline, obedience to law, the team spirit, fair-mindedness and strength of character — these are the virtues that sports and games help us to develop. Thus in the formation of character the playground is no less important than the classroom. Time spent in the school playground is not spent in vain.