An Essay On Village Life in 350 Words

The difference between life in a village and that in a town is marked. The villager’s life is a simple one. He dresses simply and eats simple food. His needs are few and are easily satisfied. He is a child of nature, so to say. The air he breathes is pure. The sun he lives under is free and unhindered. Far from the din and bustle of the city, he lives a life of peace.

The majority of the villagers live upon the fruits of their own toils in the field. Their main occupation is agriculture. They work hard in the field from morn till night with the age-old tools and implements of agriculture. But attempts are nowadays being made by government to improve their lot by placing scientific implements at their disposal so that they may carry on their agricultural pursuits in a more fruitful way.

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Villagers form a real community and are bound to one another by neighbourly fellow-feeling. They come to one another’s help in times of adversity, which rarely happens in a large city.

Villagers are, however, far from the paradise we think they are. Malaria, cholera and other fell diseases exact heavy tolls. This is due to the appalling poverty and ignorance of the inhabitants, who do not know and have not the means to observe the rules of sanitation.

But since the attainment of independence the government have been trying their best to improve the standard of village life through various schemes of rural uplift. The progress hitherto made has not been up to the mark. Every effort should be made to improve agriculture in the rural areas.

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Tubewells should be sunk to remove the want of drinking water and check water-borne diseases. Education up to the middle stage of school education should be imported free to the children of all people, rich and poor, Hospital and charitable dispensaries should be set up in rural areas at reasonable distances so that the poor villagers may get timely a proper treatment. If these are done our villages will become ideal places to live in.