Essay on Good Manners 500 Words

Montague said that “Good manners cost nothing, but buy everything”. The manner is indeed habitual conduct. It is good when it tends to be positive in relation to fellow human beings. Every man or woman has his/her own style of conduct in his/her family and society at large. A man with good manners is loved and admired by everyone. He does not want to hurt anyone by his behaviour. Good manners include politeness, humility, etiquette kind words and courtesy.

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A man without good manners remains like a savage. Only good manners can turn a two-legged animal to be a true person. A costly dress cannot make one civilized but good manners can do it. Good manners can achieve a good result. It helps us not only to obtain friends but also to win foes. It is an influential power in society. Etiquette goes a long way in making one cultured. It helps him/her to possess a pleasing personality. It is rightly said, “Good manners are the small coins of virtue.” It is this quality that should be nurtured from the very childhood.

If it is rightly used, good manners can do a miracle. It costs nothing but adds value to life. Politeness and courtesy are the keywords to good manners. The polite words like ‘sorry’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can create a pleasant impression on others around us. Spoken at the right time in a soft and sweet voice, they are bound to work wonders. Good manners are the blossom of good sense and good feeling. One should show due respect for the feeling and opinion of others. Good manners consist of showing kindness to elders, ladies, children and the weak and disabled persons. We should always offer help to them, if necessary.

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It is a common scene that a young man is seated and an old or a weak man is standing before him in a train or a bus. Good manners demand that we should offer them our seats spontaneously. We should not smoke in a crowded bus or train. We should not throw banana skins or any litter on the road or on the railway platform. It may cause someone to slip and suffer a fall.

We should always stand in a queue before the booking counter and do not elbow others to get through it, but wait patiently for our turn. While coughing we must cover our mouth with a handkerchief. We must not go on talking to others without listening to what they have to say; rather, we should give a patient hearing. We should keep our surroundings clean and do not damage any public property under any pretext.

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A well-mannered person is free from sternness, harshness and violence. He/She is amiable, soft and moderate. Such a person is a good neighbour and a reliable friend. He/She is always the centre of attraction. Thus we see those good manners bring happiness and success in one’s life. They are the basis for building one’s character. So we must acquire etiquette and a pleasing personality.