If I were a doctor Essay in 550 Words

Many men have many dreams. A poor man may dream to be a king. I have no such lofty dream. Once in my childhood, I dreamt to be a bird flying in the sky. And that is a mere fancy. Such romance has no practical value in life. Now I am grown up and have a matured mind. I know one who has no dream or aspiration is a petty fellow. We must have some dreams, but that should be based on practical ground.

I dream to be a doctor. My father advised me – as Sachin Tendulkar’s father advised him- “Chase your dream but don’t try to take any short cut.” I have faith in my father’s advice. I am preparing hard to get admission in a medical course. And if I am a doctor, I will stick to it with tenacity. I will not waver if I cannot make any progress at the start. With self-confidence, I will apply myself to the task, as I know honest efforts are mostly crowned with success in the long run.

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I have dreamt of being a doctor not because it is a lucrative profession. I honour it as a noble profession. When I expressed my wishes to my father, he asked me if I am tempted by the lots of money a doctor earns. I told him that I want to be a doctor for an ideal. And my father replied – people say so before they get into their profession, and when they are in it, they run after money.

I assured him that may be so in most cases. But I can speak for myself. My heart bleeds to see the poor people dying for want of proper treatment. In fact, I have chosen to follow my dream for more than one reason. More than eighty per cent of people in India live in villages. They suffer from various diseases for ignorance, poverty, malnutrition and want of proper sanitation. But the hospitals and doctors are very few in rural areas.

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Most of the doctors hanker after money and honour, and they prefer cities and towns to villages as their fields of practice. As a result, many persons of the villages die like cats and dogs without proper treatment and medicine. Hence I think, by serving these poor people, I shall be able to serve my country.

There is also a sense of adventure in this profession. To be called up at the dead of the night and to rush to save one’s life is something really thrilling and exciting. Of course, I shall take my fees, but my main object will not be to earn money by hook or by crook. I shall rather cure the patient and lose my fees than kill him and get it. A man’s life, I think, is more precious than all the money in the world.

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And for that, if I were a doctor, I would devote my life to serve the suffering humanity. My motto in life would be – To serve man is to serve God. My only ambition is to wipe away the tears of every eye, at least where it is possible, as though sometimes people call a doctor a god, in the practical field, it is not so. I know a doctor’s power is limited to some extent, but that should be done honestly and sincerely.