Leisure Time Essay for Students

Leisure means the free time at one’s disposal, In fact, it is the time when we are our own master, and is at liberty to pass our time in the manner we choose. There is a proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is quite true. Constant work brings boredom and fatigue to a man and surely chokes the mainspring of life’s vitality. Leisure gives our muscles and limbs and nerves rest. It releases a man from the monotony of toil and the worries of duty. It refreshes our tired nerves and sends us afresh to our usual work with new vigour and energy. As a machine needs rest and oiling, so it is for a human body. But for (=without) leisure human life would have been a dull affair. Aristotle said that leisure is an essential condition of happiness.

Leisure has been rightly described as the mother of art, science, philosophy and culture, as leisure provides us time for deep thought and meditation. Of course, leisure should be properly used. It should not be wasted away in idleness as it is rightly said, “An idle brain is a devil’s workshop.” There are various ways of spending one’s leisure. Some go out to the countryside or some places of interest and feed their senses with sweet sights and sounds of nature. Some others enjoy solitary walks, indoor or outdoor games and various pleasant hobbies that fill their leisure hours with interest. Book-lovers can turn over the page of some favourite books. In short, it is necessary for all of us to spend our leisure time with something non-essential in which our mind may have rest and relaxation instead of multiplying hours of work to win a surplus income.

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However, we see that leisure is often abused. Many spend it in idle gossips over trifle matters, There are many who sit on the rocks of the houses or stand at street-corners or parks and pass objectionable remarks on the passersby or find pleasure in eve-teasing. Some others waste their leisure by drinking, gambling, etc. At any rate, leisure should not be wasted in restless pursuit of any unworthy object. Actually, we require leisure as it helps us to forget for a time the cares and worries of life and to stand and stare at the intervals of work. William Davies rightly says in his poem, “Leisure” —

“What is this life, if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare?”