Letters of Introduction and Recommendation

Letters of Introduction and Recommendation are of two types. If you have a friend going to a distant place, town or city in your country or abroad where you have other friends and if you believe it would be mutually pleasant and agreeable for these people to meet, you may offer an informal letter of introduction.

On the other hand, a letter of recommendation is rather a certificate for a person intended to make it easy for her/him to get a job or any favour. It is a noble thing to help somebody in trouble. But while giving your letter of recommendation you should be sure that you are not recommending a wrong person who may land you in trouble if the person is not finally found fit for the job. So you should not recommend anybody without knowing his/her antecedents. Further, you should be sure that she/he has for certain whatever qualities you ascribe to her/him.

Write a letter of Recommendation/Character Certificate

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that Mr Haripal Singh has passed the Madhyamik Examination in the first division from this institution this year and has received a National Scholarship. He has been a student of this institution for five years. He has shown keen academic interest throughout his school life, and his results have been quite commendable consistently. He has also shown interest in extra-curricular activities — especially sports. During his time in school he had also been a member of the school cricket team.

So far as I know, he bears a good moral character. I wish him success in life.
Nurul Amin
Jitarpur High School