My Best Teacher Essay in 500 Words

In our school, we see some teachers who are liked by the students and some others who are not so popular. There must be some reasons for this difference. A teacher is loved not only for his teaching capacity or pedantry but for his gentle nature, especially for his student-friendly behaviour, of course, not at the sacrifice of his personality.

There are some teachers who are by nature jolly and can mix with the students freely, They have some good qualities which draw the students to them. They exercise a good influence upon the students. Again, there are teachers who are very grave or indifferent for students, and so, even having some outstanding qualities, they are not so popular with the students.

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My ideal teacher or the teacher whom I like best is our revered Headmaster. He is somewhat exceptional from the traditional Headmasters. He is very experienced and well-versed. But that is not all. He is not fond of showing his power and gravity. He has an extraordinary capacity of drawing the attraction from his surroundings like a magnet. He has always a smiling face.

He greets the students when he enters the class, and the students all greet him with respect in return. He has a great love for all the students—even for the naughty ones. His loving nature has won over even the most unruly boys in the school. He delivers punishment as the last resort and that shows the firmness in his character. And, as a teacher, he explains everything so lucidly that even the uninteresting subject like English grammar proves to be interesting. We cannot but admire his mode of teaching.

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His dress is simple but neat and clean. He has dedicated his life to the cause of teaching. He does not care much for money and often helps the poor students out of his own pocket. He always thinks of the welfare of his students. Besides teaching us the regular lessons, he often talks of the subjects that ennoble our character and infuse our mind with feelings of patriotism. He says that the writings of Swami Vivekananda have greatly influenced him. And he inspires us that our motto should be to do service to humanity.

He is eager for the development of the school and for all-round improvement of his students. So he is much interested in the co-curricular activities of the students. He is a good speaker and addresses on many ceremonial occasions in the surroundings.

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He advises us to develop the power of peaking publicly. He takes great interest in the social functions of the school and he often says that the school is the triangle of meeting three sides—the students, the guardians, and the teachers. He puts due importance on organizing annual excursions and outings to make us familiar with the outer world.

And for all these reasons our Headmaster is the ideal teacher in my eyes and he is held in great respect not only by me, but also by all the students, and even the guardians of the locality.