My School Experience Essay for Students in 500 Words

Life is a bundle of experiences. However, it may be divided into some broad categories. My experience of school life is an important chapter of my life. After admission to Class 1 at Baruipara High School, I spent eight years at the school, as it was a combined one with its primary and secondary sections. The recollection of many an event during this long period evokes in my mind many a pleasant memory. During my school years, I came into contact with fellow-students which resulted in developing intimacy with many of them. Some of them became very close friends whom I never forget in my life.

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I had a rival in our class and the contest between us was very keen. Either of us stood first in the examination one year or the other, and this contest lasted till I left the school. Of course, we had no malice between us for that rivalry. In sports and games, however, I could not perform so well, but I enjoyed it and encouraged the good performers. And it became a special event when some young teachers joined us in the playground playing football or cricket. The Annual Sports Day was a day of a lot of fun and merriment, especially with the event of ‘Tug of War’ between the students and the teachers.

When I grew up to be a senior student, I was fortunate enough to play a great role in organising many of the school functions like the Debating Club, dramatic performances, Independence Day celebration. In an essay competition, I was lucky enough to carry off the first prize, but I could not do well in the ‘Sit and Draw’ competition.

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Encouraged by our teachers of the language section, we wanted to develop our literary talent, and so we started to bring out an annual school magazine and a hand-written monthly magazine. I contributed a number of articles to the magazines.

Our teachers were also interested in benevolent activities. Encouraged by their inspiration, we set up a Poor Fund by collecting contributions from fellow students. The money collected thus was used to be spent in buying books for the poor boys and in paying their school or examination fees. Our Headmaster encouraged us to spread our benevolent spirit to the poor in the neighbouring areas in their needs and distress.

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I must admit that a few teachers were of a grave reserved nature and a bit aloof in attitude. But other teachers were of a friendly disposition and mixed with us freely. There is a particular place in my heart for our Headmaster who could draw respect from all the students by his personality and the charm of his loving nature. He had no inhibition in mixing with us on a friendly footing and that was the secret of his gripping hold on us. He was an ideal Headmaster and his influence in shaping my character was invaluable.

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I also recollect the happy days spent on educational excursions in the company of some of our teachers. Those days spent outside the confinement of the classrooms have a nostalgic fascination for me. Honestly, I miss the experience of school life very much now.

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