Essay on The Public Park Importance

The public park is a modern concept. It is the outcome of modern civilization. When there were more free spaces in the areas of habitation, nobody felt the need of having any public park.

When men began to live in towns and cities, they felt the necessity of public parks to get rid of their congested surroundings. And from then on the public parks are considered to be the lungs of the city life. In cities, the houses stand side by side with narrow lanes between them. They do not get enough air and sunlight. Women and children remain confined for most of the hours of the day in small unwholesome rooms. Smoke comes out of the kitchens. In the thickly populated parts of a city and in slum areas great nuisance. And in the multi-storeyed buildings, the ground floors are very unhygienic. So it is absolutely necessary for the people to spend some time in the open air and sunshine. The public park provides them with the scope of getting an open space to breath fresh air and outing.

There are small and big parks with grass plots, flower beds, gravel walks and benches to sit on. There are slip-boards and swings for the children too. Some people go out for a morning walk in the public parks, and some take physical exercise. At noon some passersby who are tired may take rest under the trees or the creeper shades. Some people who have nothing to do play cards at this time. In the afternoon, the parks present a quite different sight. Children who are confined all day long in school or at home, come here. They run and play about and enjoy the time very happily. Old men walk on the gravel path or sit on the benches and enjoy the cool refreshing air. Some of them pass time in gossiping and chatting. Young folk also walkabout in groups and talk about various things. In some big parks where there are playgrounds, they play football, cricket, tennis, badminton, etc. There are some parks which are used exclusively by ladies. They are of very great use to them, as they can mix there freely and talk their private have of their joys and sorrows. Being confined within the house, they are tired and feel boredom. And there they get a slot of freedom in the fresh air. Thus the parks provide them with pleasure and opportunity to improve their health of body and is a mind.

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There are some parks which are not in good condition. Some parks are shabby and some parts of a park are used as a dumping ground. Some people pollute the park with plastic etc. The public should be aware of such nuisance and try to keep their parks neat and clean.

Besides the common uses, the public parks provide some special advantages to cultivate friendship and brotherhood among the neighbours. By frequent visits, people come in close contact with one another and discuss various topics. Moreover, public parks have free access to all without any distinction. All people, rich or poor, master or servant, can use the parks freely. They are all equal here.