Short Essay on Curiosity in 300+ Words

Curiosity simply means the desire to know. Man feels an urge to know the unknown. It is curiosity which drives men to want to know more and does not let them remain satisfied with what they have been told. In the absence of inquisitiveness, people would go on treading the footsteps of their forefathers. They would not like to find out more, to see if things could be done in a better way. There would be no change without inquisitiveness.

We climb a mountain to feel its majesty. We hurry to the sea to be amazed by its vastness and to the desert to grasp its roughness. This is how travellers travel from one place to another in the world to satisfy their curiosity.

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Curiosity is the mother of knowledge. Indeed, curiosity is the driving force behind many discoveries or inventions. It is the driving force behind every advance in human civilization.

The development of curiosity is necessary for progress as progress can come only through change. The clearest sign of a growing intelligence is an increase in the quality of inquisitiveness. It is a force behind many a discovery. All the discoveries of science are due to men’s inquisitiveness. Curiosity led Isaac Newton to discover the Law of Gravitation, and James Watt to make the steam engine. It is inquisitiveness which led Columbus to America.

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Curiosity is, however, not an unmixed blessing. Much curiosity is silly. It sometimes leads to danger and degradation, if it is unhealthy. As it is the desire to step aside from the beaten track and to do things differently, people sometimes get into trouble. Some of it is wrong. The ignorant villagers have an info utile inquisitiveness and they are curious about all their neighbours to do. This curious nature leads to gossip and gossip often does more harm than good, There is a perpetual struggle between conservatism and inquisitiveness. Sometimes it is necessary to keep things as they are and it is nuisance to have to change them. Both inquisitiveness and laziness are fundamental qualities of the human mind.