Short Paragraph on A Winter Evining

It is a winter evening. The sun has just set with its crimson rays in the distant horizon and one can see the first sign of approaching twilight. Dense fog appears all around as the evening encroaches slowly on a chilly winter day. The roads are getting deserted as people come back home a little early. The fog envelopes the entire region and the vision becomes very dim as the smog (smoke + fog) also has settled in the atmosphere over the localities.

The scene inside the house is quite different. The inmates dressed in warm clothes sit together in front of TV or radio with cups of steaming hot tea or coffee. Everybody seems to be in a relaxed mood. Some others are busy playing indoor games such as cards, carrom or chess. There are others who like to gossip or enjoy a tale of ghosts and spirits in the long winter evening. However, most people welcome early dinner so that they can get into the bed to enjoy the warm comfort of the quilt.

It is rather hard on the poor for want of sufficient warm clothing. But those who can afford soft woollen dress may have a pleasant outing in the winter evening. They can enjoy comfortable relaxation in the cinema halls, circus tents or in cosy halls vibrant with the songs and music of famous songsters. They can either go to a restaurant for having a taste of delicious dishes prepared with the special winter products.

Overall, winter is cosy and comfortable, relaxing and welcome.