Essay on Tourist Places in Nagaland

Essay on Tourist Places in Nagaland (500 Words)

Nagaland is a north-eastern hilly State of India. It is surrounded by other Indian States-Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to the north and west, Manipur to the south, and the neighbouring country Myanmar (Burma) to the east.

The tourist attractions of Nagaland are specially for their natural scenic beauty of the hilly regions. These places also bear relics to the interesting cultural heritage and traditional legacy.

The various places of tourist interest of Nagaland are:

Kohima is the capital town of Nagaland. Visitors throng here to have an experience of the mixture of the urban life with the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland.

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Khonoma Gate is one of the important Nagaland attractions. It reflects the courageous nature of the local natives of Khonoma village who had built the huge gate to protect themselves from the British intruders. Endowed with natural scenic beauty, Khonoma village draws lots of tourists who are enthralled and enchanted with the captivating sight of the place. The luxuriant green fields and salubrious weather relieves the tourists from the stress and strains of their daily mundane life. The tiny village of Khonoma is famous for producing 20 different kinds of paddy which is the staple food of the local inhabitants of Nagaland.

Changtongya occupies a prominent place among the tourist attractions of Nagaland. It is a safe haven for birds as these are no-hunting zone reserve forests in the region. The town is an ideal destination for bird-watchers. Flocks of migratory birds, especially falcons, fly into the forests of Changtongya from Mongolia and Germany.

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Melani is favourite of tourists as the scenic beauty of the place is exceptional with green hills and small meandering rivers.

Shilloi Lake is a popular tourist attraction, which is very near to Meluri and can be travelled there by jeep or bus.

Dzukou Valley offers the tourists a wonderful scope to experience the bounty of Mother Nature, Being located at a height of 2,438 meters, the valley offers a breathtaking view of the picturesque landscape of Nagaland.

Japful Peak is set amidst the verdant locals in Nagaland, at an elevation of 3,048 meters from the sea level. The beatific landscape from the top of the peak gives a captivating sight that is sure to enrapture tourists.

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Naganimora is one of the popular tourist attractions of Nagaland. The town has derived its name from a local Naga word Naga Rani Mora which means a Naga queen’s burial place. It provides the tourists with a scope to explore their sporting zeal through the various adventurous sports of the region. Blessed with natural beauty, Naganimora draws lots of tourists from far and wide.

Tuli Town is another popular tourist spot in Nagaland. It is located on the right bank of the river Melak and well-known for its unique natural splendour. The panoramic beauty of the town with rolling hills, meandering rivers, and gentle plain attracts lots of tourists.

The tourist places of Nagaland are now accessible from all parts of the country by well-built roads. The ideal time to visit Nagaland is from October to May.