Essay on Tourist Spots in Assam (800+ Words)

Assam, the mystic land of lofty blue hills and undulating river valleys, is the gateway to the north-east frontiers of India. Apart from being a popular stopover for tourists on a North Indian sojourn, there are lots of tourist attractions in Assam itself.

It is bordered by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Nagaland and Manipur to the east, Mizoram to the South, and West Bengal, Bangladesh, Meghalaya, and Tripura to the West.

The mighty river Brahmaputra that flows down from Tibet to meander through Assam accentuates the State’s beauty. Tourists are often found strolling on the riverside basking in the mellow sunshine and the cool wisps of a fluttering evening breeze. The cities of Assam — the idyllic amalgam of the historic past and the urban cosmopolitan culture — are also worth visiting.

Most attractive tourist spots in Assam

Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, is one of the leading tourist spots, and the main entry for the entire region. It is extended over the Brahmaputra river and holds a large number of temples including Kamakhya temple, Nabagraha temple, Umananda temple, etc., Assam zoo, Botanical garden, and Assam State Museum.

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Sibsagar, a famous tourist spot, is 369 km west of Guwahati. There is the highest Shiva temple in India.

Digboi is a famous tourist place, as it holds abundant tea gardens and mystic blue hills. It is also a major oil town and contains the world’s oldest continuing refinery plants.

Majuli is a favourite spot for tourists. It is situated 20 km towards the north of Jorhat in the midst of the river Brahmaputra. This is the largest freshwater river island in the world. Over 15 Vaishnava monasteries are located in Majuli. The rich diversity of flora and fauna, especially, the wildlife, draws a lot of tourists there. Barring Africa, perhaps no part of the world can boast of such a variety of wildlife.

Kamakhya Temple in Assam is a seat of Tantric Buddhism in India. Mythologically, Lord Vishnu severed the corpse of the goddess Parvati into pieces with Sudarshan Chakra while Lord Shiva was carrying wildly her dead body. Legends reveal that her yoni or vagina fell here making it one of the most sacred Shaktipithas.

Hajo can be called an amalgamation of Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism with several famous temples and mosques. Agnigarh is one of the must-see places in Assam. It provides a mesmerizing view of Brahmaputra and Tezpur.

Jatinga Hill Station is a well-known tourist spot of Assam which has been covered by the high valleys and famed for bird mystery. Through the eminent watchtower one can see the migratory birds, and some special types of birds, yielding to their death wish and their little plumage dropping down.

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Diphu Hill Station is an attractive place and contains very much progressive infrastructure. It is 127 km from Guwahati city. Umarangshu Hill Station is a very well-known location, and lots of people visit this hill- station. It is 224 km from Guwahati.

Hafllong Hill Station is amazingly picturesque where one can see the rainbow down below. It is known as nature’s land and has been enclosed by a green colour blanket. It is 345 km from Guwahati.

Assam’s landscape makes an ideal destination for trekkers and mountaineers and rock climbers. The hilly land offers a very good confront to mountain bikers too. Several foreign groups including individual tourists visit the State for the same. Hang gliding is also possible here. The ideal places for hand gliding are Kamakhya Hills and hills around Kaziranga. Para-sailing, an entirely new sport, has been introduced by Assam Tourist Development Corporation to attract domestic and foreign tourists. The best place for Para-sailing near Guwahati is North Guwahati. Boat racing is an admired sport of Assam. People very often organize boat racing during festive occasions at places like Jajo, Barpeta, Soulkuchi, Guwahati, etc. It can be compared with the snake-boat racing in Kerala.

Some National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are favourite visiting spots of the tourists. Among them the famous ones are:

Manas National Park is nestled at the foothills of the grand Himalayas. It is one of the most seraphic wildlife environment in India.

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Kaziranga National Park is famous for great one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephants, giant water buffaloes, sambars, gaurs, and Indian tigers. It covers a total area of about 430 sq. km. This is also a World Heritage Site.

Nameri National Park is around 35 km from the city of Tezpur at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. It is one of the richest as well as endangered reservoirs of the plant and animal kingdom.

Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1997, has been playing a vital role in the research and protection of the primate community of the animal kingdom. This is located at a distance of 19 km from the town of Jorhat, and it covers a total area of about 21 sq. km.

The best time to visit Assam is from October to April, as these months are quite pleasant and sunny. Visiting Assam tourist spots is a delightful experience for all the travel lovers.