Essay on Tourist Spots in Manipur (400 Words)

Manipur is in the north-east corner of India and it is bordered by Nagaland to the north, Myanmar to the east, Mizoram to the south, and Assam to the West. It aptly deserves the name Manipur which means ‘the jewel of a land’. Set among the smokey blue hills, the tiny State of Manipur is a land of myths and mystery. Tourist attractions in Manipur lie mostly in its splendid landscape, bounteous nature, and its cultural wealth. Smokey blue hills and the verdant forests offer a stunning combination that you can hardly ignore. Nature here is intoxicatingly beautiful and the serenity is overwhelming.

Most attractive tourist spots in Manipur

Imphal, the capital city of the State, lies in a heart-shaped valley 790 m above sea level. This is a mixing pot of various tribes that constitute the populace of Manipur.

Govindajee Temple is a Vaishnavite temple built by the former kings of Manipur. The simple but beautiful structure consists of 2 domes and a large congregation hall. The shrines of Krishna and Balaram on one side and Jagannath on the other flank the presiding deity.

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Bishnupur is famous for its Bishnu Temple with peculiar Chinese influence. Besides that, there are attractive tourist spots — the Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake of north-eastern India, and Red Hill where a fierce battle between the British and the Japanese took place during the World War II.

Loktak Lake is the biggest natural freshwater lake in the north-eastern region of India. It is situated at a distance of 48 km from the city of Imphal. The lake is dotted with the vegetative growth of the Phoodims that grow on the lake. The Sendra island is located on the lake itself and has a tourist bungalow that provides a captivating view of the lake waters.

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Langthabal is a small hill featuring relics of a historic palace and architecturally beautiful temples.

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The Zoological Gardens of Manipur is especially remarkable for Sangai, the graceful brow-antlered deer, at the base of pineclad hillocks.

Khongampat Orchidarium, sprawling land of 200 acres, boasts of 110 rare varieties of orchids including a dozen endemic species.

The War Cemetery is notable for its historical values. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the graveyard. Little stone marked with bronze plaques on them commemorates the dead British and Indian soldiers of World War II.

Manipur is also a favourite spot for the tourists for Manipuri dance.