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The Telegraph

Sub: Irregular Train Services

I am a student and go to Kolkata daily to attend my college. Of late it has become impossible for us commuters to account for the late running of the local trains up and down Howrah station. It is seldom known when the train will arrive at the station as well as the time of their departure. The trains do not keep the timings indicated in the time-table. Indefinite waiting at the station causes annoyance and resentment among the passengers which often erupts in violence. Passengers are often harassed by conflicting announcements about the arrival and departure of trains. Sometimes changes of platforms for the departure of trains are announced at the eleventh hour causing great hardship to the passengers. People have to rush through the platforms in great hurry. This further deteriorates the incidents of pushing, jostling, trampling, and even kicking one another. Children, old men and women are the worst victims.

It is time the railway authorities ponder the situation and take necessary steps for better management of train services so that passenger do not have to suffer so.

Yours faithfully,
Rashmi Singh