Write a letter to the Librarian requesting him to issue a duplicate membership card

The Librarian
Baruipur high School
New Delhi

Sub: To issue a duplicate card

I am a regular member of your library. Unfortunately, while I was traveling by bus yesterday, my purse containing my library card was stolen. I am finding it very difficult to prepare myself for the coming annual examination since I cannot use the library without a membership card.

I, therefore, request you to issue a duplicate library card to me. I am prepared to pay the necessary charges. I am sending herewith a passport size photograph bearing my signature and the relevant form duly filled in. My previous card bore the registration no. P40321.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
Sagar Roy

[You may note that the usual salutation in these letters is Sir or Madam and the usual subscription should be Yours faithfully student writes to her/his teacher she/he may also write Yours obediently in the subscription. Moreover, the date and the address of the sender are usually written at the bottom left corner of the letter.]