Write a letter to your neighbour to keep his dog chained

Letter to your neighbour to keep his dog

Dear Mr. Pandey,
I hope you will excuse me for disturbing you by writing this letter. It is an unpleasant task indeed. But I have been compelled to do so as I could not see you, though I tried for a couple of days, as you leave home early in the morning and come back very late in the evening.

However, for the last few days, your new dog has been a cause of disturbance in our quiet and peaceful neighbourhood. He barks so loudly and so frequently for nothing even at late hours of the night that we have to pass sleepless nights. Moreover, he rushes at every person who happens to pass by your house even in daytime! My little daughter narrowly escaped being bitten yesterday. It is a matter of serious concern for members of my family and others too living near your house.

I assume I do not sound unreasonable in requesting you to keep your dog chained at daytime and train him not to bark for nothing. I admit that you have every right to keep a dog for guarding your house, but we too expect to have our peace undisturbed.
Hoping a considerate response to my request,

Yours sincerely
Palash Biswas

[Reply to the above letter]

Dear Mr. Biswas,
I am extremely sorry for what has happened and I apologize sincerely for the trouble caused to your daughter.

Our new dog is a German Shepherd that is usually friendly. But it often takes them a little time to be habituated in a new environment.

However, I have asked our servant specially appointed for the dog to be careful in future.

Once again I express my regrets for your anxieties caused by our pet and I assure you that it will not happen again.

Yours apologetically
Bubai Pandey