Write a letter of an application for issue of a new ration card

A ration card is a vital document for various purpose. It not only provides its holder with foodgrains and other essential commodities at a subsidized price but it also plays a vital role as an identity card. Hence every citizen of India should have a ration card in proper order.

The Rationing Officer

Sub : Issue of a new ration card

Dear Sir,
I beg to inform you that I was living with my family at Hariharpara in Mursidabad for the last fifteen years, but now I and my family reside at Haripal, Hooghly.

I had surrendered all our ration cards to the authority before I left the place. The surrender receipt is enclosed. A residence certificate from the local panchayet and the BDO is also attached herewith.

The particulars of the members of my family including myself are given below:

Sl. No. Name Relation Age
1. Subroto Kumar Head of the Family 52
2. Nilima Kumar Wife 46
3. Rajesh Kumar Son 24
4. Milton Kumar Son 20

I hope that you would be kind enough to issue fresh ration cards for us as early as possible.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully